Efficiency and Effectiveness Secret

Maintenance & Plumbing

No project is too big or too small for our network of plumbing maintenance specialists.
We’ll help make the process easy by finding just the right professional for your project. 

Roof, Covers & False ceiling.

Roof coatings are like paint. They degrade and crack.
You have to re-coat them year after year.
Roof coatings can’t stand up to harsh exposure from the sun or withstand pooling water.
Maintenance is vital for a long life saving time and energy.

Refrigeration Services

Refrigeration Services has the man power, knowledge and resources to take care of all business, from mom and pop stores to big box retailers.

High Performance Floors

Whether for your home or business, we have expertise to provide a range of concrete and surface-coating solutions to enhance the style and value of your property.
Let us turn your unsightly, hard-to-clean concrete floor into a bright, safe, and easy-to-maintain surface. Choose from a wide variety of attractive, durable, and state-of-the-art protective systems.
Installing a finish on your concrete floor can even significantly increase illumination, potentially reducing facility lighting costs!

Hydrosanitary and Pneumatic

we are a manufacturing and repair company specializing in electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic design, manufacture and repair. 
Our trained and experienced team excels in automation and installations of complex industrial, automotive and military systems. 
Our quality repair services are driven by our commitment to provide unmatched customer service and exceed expectations and requirements. 
Large projects and big equipment are our forte. With us, no job is too big or too small. 
We pride ourselves on being able to constantly maintain safe, top quality production with efficiency and dependability.

Electrical Maintenance

If it relates to power distribution and electricity, we can fix it! Our insured experienced electricians take pride in what they do, and they perform quality work.

Contact us to discuss your equipment and power systems maintenance and reliability needs!

There are a number of compelling benefits to adding an electrical maintenance service agreement to your facility

Preventive maintenance program.


There are three basic ways to prepare the maintenance plan for an installation, that is, to determine the preventive tasks that must be carried out periodically in it: Based on the instructions of the manufacturers of the various equipment. Based on maintenance protocols by equipment type or based on an analysis of potential failures